Patient engagement is essential for healthcare providers in ensuring patients receive the best care. With patient education, both parties can make better healthcare-related decisions, resulting in improved health outcomes.

More than ever, the importance of patient engagement and patient engagement strategies cannot be highlighted enough. The COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously disrupted how healthcare is accessed and distributed. Patient engagement technology has become top-of-mind for healthcare organizations as they seek to optimize the patient experience, and digital health solutions have the power to meet growing consumer demands and improve the overall care experience.

What is patient engagement?

Patient engagement occurs when individuals are proactively involved in their own care. Engaged patients are informed about their health status and recommended treatments and can communicate with their providers to proactively participate in decision-making. They also are empowered to change their health outcomes.

Communication is key to creating informed, heard and empowered patients. With a patient engagement strategy, healthcare providers can encourage individuals to become more involved with their healthcare.

What are the benefits of investing in patient engagement solutions?

Investing in patient engagement software allows healthcare providers and patients to reap many benefits. First, it enables patients to manage their own care more easily and build their health literacy. Healthcare providers can deliver personalized interactions systematically and conveniently to make patients feel connected and valued.

Second, a patient engagement solution can almost effortlessly promote good health. It can lighten patient management workload and promote adherence to recommended care plans. The best patient engagement software can minimize administrative tasks, allowing the provider team to focus on more pertinent tasks.

Well-designed patient engagement software can protect the revenue of healthcare organizations by optimizing workloads and streamlining practice management system (PMS) operations. Healthcare providers can use such solutions to simplify vendor management and ensure compliance with strict privacy and security guidelines and regulations.

What patient engagement software can elevate healthcare organizations?

Patient engagement solutions have many features that can revolutionize how healthcare providers offer their services. Providertech standard features that can increase patient satisfaction include:

Secure Messaging

Patient data is sensitive and should be treated with utmost confidence. A patient portal stores all correspondence with patients in a secure environment, correlating with a patient engagement solution that keeps patient satisfaction and security at the forefront.

Patient Registration

Filling up and encoding standard patient forms can be time-consuming. Patients can systematically provide and update their healthcare history, immunization records and other data using a patient outreach platform.

Patient Scheduling

A patient engagement software solution makes it easy for patients to set appointments around their schedule. A patient portal enables organizations to automatically fill appointments, ensuring all parties are up-to-date.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are sent to patients to verify that they remember their scheduled office visit. Through these automated messages, patients are also reminded of any registration tasks they need to complete beforehand.

Prescription Refills

Patient portals let individuals request medication refills without visiting the office or scheduling an appointment. They can have their prescription(s) ready for pickup or delivery.

Patient Education

Patient engagement systems are equipped with educational resources to empower individuals through additional knowledge and understanding. Physicians can provide even more tools to help patients comprehend the solutions or treatments offered.

Email Marketing

Patient engagement platforms don’t only engage patients scheduled for check-ups or other appointments. They also provide the capability to send emails to all patients to keep them informed about the latest happenings at the clinic and any other pertinent information from which they may benefit. This information may help encourage former patients to reconnect with the healthcare organization.

While a vast array of patient engagement software vendors are available, one solution rises above the rest. With a focus on patient engagement and patient retention, we’re modernizing care solutions for the care continuum with patient engagement solutions for hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Systems, payers, and providers. Learn more about Providertech and our patient engagement solution.