Predict and Reduce Patient No Shows with Automated Patient Appointment Reminders


From patient appointment text reminders to medication alerts, use two-way SMS text and voice to connect with your patients where they are.

Providertech’s automated platform uses email, text, and voice to:
  • Ensure patients adhere to care plans
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Save money
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce front office workload
  • Eliminate phone tag and missed messages

How It Works

How It Works Step 1
Choose how and when messages will be delivered—and to whom
How It Works Step 2
Providertech’s CareX integration engine automatically pulls records from your EMR based on configured protocols leveraging appointment types, providers, and clinics
How It Works Step 3
Patients receive a text, voice, or email reminder and respond with a confirmation or cancellation
How It Works Step 4
Responses, confirmations, and cancellations are displayed in our self service portal and pushed directly into your practice management system
How It Works Step 5
Analyze patient responses in your real-time dashboard to predict future no-shows

Appointment Reminder Features

Appointment Reminders iMessage 1
Appointment Reminders iMessage 2
Appointment Reminders iMessage 3
Automated SMS Reminders: We use SMS text to communicate with patients because 98% of text messages are read. Reminding patients of appointments ensures they show up for scheduled visits or gives you the opportunity to fill cancelled timeslots.

Automated Voice Reminders: For patients who prefer phone calls, we offer automated outbound calling to remind patients of scheduled appointments. This minimizes the amount of time your office staff spends calling patients manually.

HIPAA Compliance: We take safeguarding patient information seriously. Our solutions are fully HIPAA compliant.

Two-Way Integration: We seamlessly integrate with your EMR or practice management system for a frictionless connection with your existing workflow.

Multi-Channel Options: We offer text, voice, and email to can reach your patients however they want to be reached, whenever you want to reach them. And, because we can distinguish landlines from mobile numbers, we can help customize based on your patients’ preferences.

Customizable Details: We start by establishing communication protocols based on industry best practices. Then, you have complete control over the type of reminder you send, from voice and email to text, and when you want to send it, whether it’s 4 hours or two days before an appointment. You can also customize messaging for any appointment type, provider, or office location.

Predictive Dashboard: Our real-time analytics allow you to monitor no-show rates and predict those at risk for skipping their appointment. Use predictive overbooking to double-book appointments for high-risk no-show patients with patients more likely to show up.