In healthcare, many workflows and processes have been refined through trial and error and lots of practice. Providers have adopted standards of care based on what they know works. 

Although certainly not as serious or impactful a topic, the practice of the “end-of-year blogs” has become commonplace. So, instead of recreating the wheel, we’re following that oft-used strategy and sharing with you three of the most-read Providertech blogs. 

These blogs are the best of the best. The top dogs. The bee’s knees. 

Enough with the clichés. Let’s start with blog number one.

1. Essential Components of a Successful Population Health Management Program

Population health management (PHM) continues to be a priority for providers and payers. Implementing a PHM strategy enables these entities to engage patients and members where they are and improve quality performance. It also lessens the administrative burden on provider staff, which is even more important during the continuing healthcare staffing shortage

In this blog, we examine the three tenets of PHM — navigation, patient education and behavioral economics. And, we share the key capabilities providers and payers should look for in a population health management platform. 

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2. Disastrous HIPAA Violation Cases

Although designed to maintain patient privacy, HIPAA often is a headache for many healthcare providers. When violations occur, whether intentional or accidental, providers and payers risk not only civil and criminal penalties but also lost patient trust and a damaged reputation. 

Between January 1, 2023 and October 31, 2023, more than 82.6 million healthcare records have been exposed or impermissibly disclosed. In our blog, Disastrous HIPAA Violation Cases, we outline five of the biggest HIPAA violations, including a breach that affected more than 30 health plans. The breach, which occurred through a ransomware attack on the company’s printing and mailing vendor, compromised data such as names, contact IDs and information procured during patient health assessments. 

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3. The Importance of Effective Patient Retention Strategies 

Did you know that by increasing patient retention by just five percent, a healthcare practice has the capability to increase the value of an average patient in lifetime profits by 25-100 percent? Or that patients who are more satisfied with their healthcare positively affect the satisfaction of physicians and staff, resulting in increased productivity and reduced turnover? 

In our blog titled The Importance of Effective Patient Retention Strategies, we describe how patient retention boosts a practice’s reputation and how providers engaging in retention strategies are more likely to benefit from patient loyalty, resulting in improved adherence to medical advice and treatment plans. Conversely, a lack of patient retention can lead to damaged customer relationships and fewer word-of-mouth referrals. 

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We didn’t technically receive any prizes for these blogs, but we are proud of how hard our skilled Providertech team works with healthcare providers of all sizes to help them boost patient engagement and satisfaction while reducing their administrative burden. Discover a few of our winning success stories, and schedule a meeting with us to learn more!