Virtually identify symptoms of COVID-19 and direct patients to the appropriate point of care.

Our chatbot uses clinical guidelines and artificial intelligence to help patients evaluate their risk of COVID-19 infection.

Scale COVID-19 education based on WHO data and guidelines.

Offer actionable advice to patients based on their symptoms

Triage patients in need of medical assistance

Alleviate overburdened clinicians, nurses, and staff

Using the screening logic recognized by the World Health Organization.

450,000+ Check-ups

300+ Organizations
Implementing the Tool

90 Days Free Self-Deployment

Tomasz Domino

Chief Operating Officer | Infermedica

“Authoritative, safe and reliable, the logic behind COVID-19 Assessment Tool is based on official WHO guidelines, meticulously coordinated, and implemented by Infermedica’s team of doctors.”

CareBots Features

Website integration

Embed the chatbot on your website to reach existing and potential patients.

Fast implementation

With no coding required, launch the COVID risk assessment tool within a week.

Customized workflows & integration

Integrate with HIPAA-compliant texting to expand chatbot workflows and use cases.

Verified by doctors

Clinically-sound advice you can trust from medical experts.

Up-to-date recommendations

Offer the latest WHO guidelines as they change with an auto-updated API.

How it Works

Embed the risk-assessment chatbot on your website

Visitors initiate the chat on your site

The symptom checker prompts visitors to answer a series of questions about their condition

The chatbot analyzes their answer and provides recommendations on what to do

Use Cases

Primary care services
Lifestyle counseling
Pre and post-operative visits
Behavioral health services
Symptom triage
Lab and diagnostic results
Nurse advice lines

Get Started

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