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Using Providertech’s EMR integration and customizable rules in our outreach ensured 33% of targeted patients overdue for annual wellness exams scheduled a new appointment.

Andrea Mendoza, MSN, RN, Population Health Manager
Adelante Healthcare

How Providertech Works

Providertech helps payers, providers, and Federally Qualified Health Centers to reach more patients using automated communication and personalized outreach.

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Ready to Scale Your Population Health Outreach?

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Engage Patients and Members Throughout the Entire Care Continuum

We go beyond just sending appointment reminders. Deliver health information, preventative messaging, and treatment compliance to a variety of populations.

Use Cases

Annual Wellness Visits

Cancer Screenings

Chronic Disease Management

Laboratory Testing

Medication Adherence

Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Smoking Cessation


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Expand Population Health Outreach 

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Mailers don't work. 

Manual phone calls take hours.

Expand Population Health Outreach

Mailers don't work. Manual phone calls take hours of staff time away from direct patient care. Have you ever wished there was another way to proactively engage your patients? Now there is.

Keep more members and patients healthy

Achieve value-based targets

Decrease time spent on manual communication

Minimize costly ER and Urgent Care visits

Increase revenue

And more!


Step 1: Preventative Care
Minimize costly ER and Urgent Care visits with regular screenings. 


Step 2: Chronic Disease Care
Identify and target at-risk members struggling with chronic disease.  


Step 3: Tracking Outstanding Orders
Ensure patients complete necessary lab and diagnostic orders.


Step 4: Custom Communications
Tailor messaging to fit your patient’s unique needs.

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Ready to Scale Your Population Health Outreach?

Scale preventive care, chronic disease management, and care plans using the resources you already have.

Don’t let outdated processes and manual outreach steal precious time from patient care.

Schedule time with our experts now and we can help you with a better way to proactively engage your patients.

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