Medical Transport Services

Minimize Access Challenges by Offering Your Patients Automated Transportation

Providertech’s patient access solutions can help you:

  • Ensure patients have a ride to appointments
  • Achieve financial and quality goals
  • Improve wellness for underserved populations
  • Reduce costs for your members and patients

Remove Transportation Barriers That Limit Your Patient’s Ability to Attend Appointments as a Result of:

  • Living geographically distant from healthcare services
  • Not possessing a driver’s license
  • Not having access to a working vehicle
  • Being unable to drive due to a physical, cognitive, or mental limitation
  • Costs associated with transportation options

How it Works

Providertech’s CareCommunity engine automatically pulls records from your EMR to identify eligible patients and members while syncing with your schedule.

Your patient responds ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Your patient is picked up promptly to ensure they arrive ahead of time for their appointment.

Two-way text allows you to customize a message to ask your patient if they need a ride for an upcoming appointment.

Providertech leverages integration with rideshare vendors to book the ride on your behalf.



Safeguard your patient information


Offer transportation options based on eligible patient’s needs

EMR Integration

Simplify your existing scheduling workflows

Two-Way Communication

Enable real-time correspondence with your patients

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