Custom Patient 
Communication Solution

Customize Your Patient Communications Based on Your Business Needs

Providertech’s CareX solution can help you engage your patients and members before, during, and after care, so you can:

  • Scale communication efforts
  • Refine patient outreach campaigns, as needed
  • Engage more patients and members
  • Strengthen patient-provider relationships



Safeguard your patient information

Two-Way Communication

Enable real-time correspondence with your patients


Simplify your existing communication workflows

Automated SMS Text and Voice

Ensure your patients can be reached where they want


Deliver messages that fit your unique patient’s needs

How it Works

You choose how and when messages will be delivered—and to whom.

Providertech’s CareX engine automatically pulls records from your EMR based on your appointment types, providers, and clinics.

Patients receive a text, voice, or email message and respond.

Responses are displayed in your self service portal and pushed directly into your practice management system.

Use Cases

Deliver health information, appointment reminder messaging, and treatment compliance for:

Birthday wishes

Coat drives

Prenatal Care

Postpartum Care

Smoking Cessation

Weather alerts/

Engaging potential patients
for outreach

And more!

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