Welcome to another Episode of Happy Hour, Happy Patients! Today we have a special guest joining us, Dr. Chet Robson. We’ll dive into the exciting world of healthcare technology and how it’s revolutionizing patient care. We’ll discuss the importance of combining expertise with digital solutions to improve products, the shift towards care being provided at home, and the need for better integration and coordination among care providers. Plus, we’ll explore the role of AI and other advanced technologies in addressing specific healthcare challenges, as well as the significance of trusted sources of information when navigating the complex healthcare landscape


  • Integration of Expertise and Technology in Digital Health Companies
  • Creating a Searchable Database for Apps and Technologies
  • Importance of Timely Information in Healthcare
  • Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on Healthcare
  • Patient Engagement and the Role of Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare
  • Care at Home and Continuity of Care


“Technology seamlessly integrates health data, providing all care providers with a comprehensive patient view.”- Dr. Chet Robson

“You have to be very focused to make sure that you’re solving a real problem and finding real solutions for that.”- Dr. Chet Robson

Featured in this Episode

FT. Dr. Chet Robson
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chet-robson/
Instagram: Instagram (@md_isrupt)
Website: On-demand clinical, commercial, and regulatory experts | MDisrupt


00:00 – Introduction
00:06 – Exploring Healthcare Innovation and Patient Satisfaction
04:41 – The Process of Validation and Inclusion in a Trusted Database
07:35 – Strategically Combining Technology and Innovation in Healthcare
10:23 – Addressing Healthcare Challenges: Assessing Severity and Decision-Making
13:44 – Technology’s Role in Enhancing Patient Engagement and Experience
17:29 – Leveraging Technology to Solve Healthcare Challenges
21:17 – Meeting Timely Healthcare Needs and Addressing Weekend Concerns
24:18 – The Healthcare Revolution: Digital Solutions and Artificial Intelligence
28:02 – Enhancing Healthcare Through Improved Communication, Visibility, and AI
31:55 – Identifying and Iterating Solutions for Transportation Challenges
33:51 – Outro

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