In this episode of “Happy Hour, Happy Patients!,” Join host Lisa Blue as she engages in an enlightening conversation with the dynamic Rick Bennett, an expert in hospitality and healthcare who leads population health solutions at Castel, dives deep into the transformative impact of value-based care and the importance of technology in enhancing patient communication and care coordination. Gain insights into Rick’s journey, his passion for utilizing CRM and AI in healthcare and the profound influence of individual stories on shaping the patient experience. Explore the exciting intersection of hospitality and healthcare, and discover how technology plays a pivotal role in creating a more patient-centric approach to care.


  • Strategies for Driving Change in Healthcare
  • The Role of Technology in Improving Patient Communication and Care Coordination
  • The Importance of Resources and Tools in Value-Based Care
  • A Focus on Human Element in Healthcare
  • The Patient-Centric Approach in Healthcare


“You still want to give the providers all the tools that they need in order to accomplish their goals, but on top of that, another focus is to give them the resources.” -Rick Bennett

“Customer service is key in healthcare. Timely communication and setting expectations for patients are crucial for positive clinical outcomes.” -Rick Bennett

Featured in this Episode

FT. Rick Bennett
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00:00 – Introduction0
00:15 – Rick Bennett Bridges Innovation and Patient Well-being
03:16 – Importance of Lifelong Learning in Healthcare and Technology
07:33 – Incentives, Achievable Targets, Tools, Resources for Providers
12:11 – Limited EMR Data May Miss Crucial Patient Care
14:53 – Supportive Care Through Personalized Outreach and Guidance
18:53 – Congratulations on Remarkable Improvements in Patient Care
23:15 – Castel’s Strategic Partners, Shifting Toward Modern Technologies
26:59 – Nuance Uses AI to Listen and Understand
30:59 – Switched to Healthcare Tech to Impact Lives
33:17 – Real Impactful Stories of Improved Patient Health
35:54 – Outro

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