Welcome to another episode of Happy Hour, Happy Patients! In today’s episode, We sit down with Ryan Louis, a guest who shares their journey in the healthcare industry. From their days in IT consulting to their current role at ProviderTech, our guest opens up about their experiences and insights. Together, they dive into the importance of people, process, and technology in solving healthcare challenges, highlighting the significance of population health management. Join us as we explore the power of technology, the impact of human intervention, and how a text message may have played a vital role in saving someone’s life. Get ready to uncover stories and gain perspectives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Providertech’s Early Beginnings
  • The Triad of People, Process, and Technology
  • Tech and Its Role in Population Health
  • Leadership and Feedback Dynamics
  • Exploring Generative AI in Healthcare
  • Notable Projects and Impactful Stories
  • Shifting Toward Entrepreneurship


“Our approach goes beyond technology. We first understand our clients’ processes, improve them, and then apply technology for project success.” –Ryan Louis

“Human intervention will forever remain essential in assisting patients throughout the entire process.” –Ryan Louis

Featured in the Episode

Ryan Louis
Founder, Health Executive – Providertech
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-m-louis/

Lisa Blue
Nurse Executive – Providertech
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-z-blue/


00:00 – Introduction
02:53 – An Innovative Startup Idea in Healthcare
05:52 – ProviderTech’s Inception: A Tale of Adaptation and Growth
08:04 – Transition from Corporate World to Entrepreneurship
11:03 – From Startup to IPO: Navigating the Venture Capital Journey
12:43 – Early Days of Working Together: Technology Support
14:35 – Effective Problem Solving: Putting People and Process Before Technology
16:18 – Technology Enhances Process: Population Health Importance
19:13 – First Interaction at Conference Shapes Professional Relationship
23:44 – Effective Leadership Blend: Balancing Key Traits
24:57 – Generative AI’s Impact on Society and Healthcare
26:27 – Crucial Focus: Population Health Management
30:53 – Early Lung Cancer Screening: A Life-Saving Success Story
32:45 – Outro

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