In this engaging episode of “Happy Hour, Happy Patients,” host Lisa Blue engages in a captivating conversation with Monique Delgado, the esteemed CEO of Integrated Medical Services (IMS). Together, they explore the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry and share profound insights on various aspects. From the significance of patient engagement and the complexities of change management to effective strategies for enhancing clinical outcomes and the overall patient experience, Lisa and Monique delve deep into the intricacies of navigating this dynamic field. Drawing from her extensive expertise, Monique brings forth valuable perspectives on leadership, innovation, and the pursuit of operational excellence.


  • Importance of Patient Engagement and Managing Change in Healthcare
  • Trends, Planning, and Adaptability in Healthcare
  • Positioning for Success in Providing Great Patient Experience
  • Creating a Model Allowing Autonomy and Encouraging Innovation
  • Strategies to Improve Patient Engagement and Experience
  • Challenges of Managing Different Payer Contracts in Healthcare


“Taking a best practice and sharing it creates a level of competition, inspiring others to achieve higher. It also fosters a sense of pride, as everyone wants to be a contributor.” – Monique Delgado

“Understanding people, assessing their roles, and supporting their journey ensures having the right players in place.” – Monique Delgado

Featured in this Episode

FT. Monique Delgado
Guest LinkedIn:
Guest Website: Arizona Independent Medical Practice: Primary & Specialty Care | IMS


00:00 – Introduction
05:04 – From the Lowest Level to Partnership: A Unique Journey
07:28 – Harnessing Individual Talent for Empowered Success
11:23 – Putting Innovation and Patient Engagement at the Heart of Healthcare
15:31 – Celebrating Remarkable Progress and Consistent Excellence
20:28 – Supporting Healthcare Professionals with Strategic Workflow Development
23:17 – Enabling Others and Leading towards Success
25:47 – From Reluctance to Champion: Embracing the Opportunity of EDK
29:26 – Anticipating Market Trends, Wages, and Technology in Healthcare
32:34 – Uniting Specialties for Enhanced Collaboration in Care
37:40 – Empowering Women in Leadership: Valuable Advice
39:17 – Outro

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