In this episode of “Happy Patients, Happy Hours,” we embark on a journey into the digital realm of pulmonary medicine alongside our esteemed guest, Dr. Suman Sinha. As the Chief of Pulmonary Medicine at CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic, Dr. Sinha enlightens us on the remarkable influence technology has had on patient care. From the revolutionary advancements in lung cancer screenings to the utilization of two-way text messaging for patient engagement, he sheds light on the transformative potential of healthcare technology. Join us as we delve into the pioneering efforts in early cancer detection and the profound human impact of improving patient outcomes in the digital age.


  • Impact of Technology in Healthcare Advancements
  • Importance of Lung Cancer Screening Programs
  • Patient Success Story and Impact of Text Message Outreach
  • Addressing Barriers to Screening
  • Connection between Smoking and Major Causes of Morbidity and Mortality
  • Importance of Healthcare Technology


“The inclusion of new cancer therapeutics has significantly improved patient survival, with some individuals now living for years even with advanced stage disease.”- Dr. Suman Sinha

“To effectively tackle future challenges, it is essential to integrate multiple screening modalities and establish a strong symbiosis between healthcare and technology.”- Dr. Suman Sinha

Featured in this Episode

FT. Dr. Suman Sinha

00:00 – Introduction
00:13 – Pioneering Pulmonary Medicine Specialist
05:28 – Exciting Advancements in Biologics for Asthma Treatment
06:43 – Cancer Care Advancements Lead to Extended Lives
11:54 – Low Dose CAT Scan Revolutionizes Lung Screening
14:38 – Text Reminders Improve Appointment Attendance for Patients
18:15 – Anticipated Patient Questions, Shared Decision Making Process
22:57 – Text Emphasizes Deep Empathy in Patient-Doctor Interactions
27:29 – Disparity in Cancer Screening, Barriers Need Addressing
31:42 – Machine Learning to Identify Patients for Screening
32:32 – Study Analyzes Lung Cancer Screening and Broadband Access
38:55 – Targeting Patients Effectively, Especially in Difficult Times
41:09 – Patients Improved through Text-Based Treatment Approach
42:56 – Successful Treatment and Screening Impact
44:37 – Outro

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