Welcome back to another episode of Happy Hour, Happy Patients! Today we have a very special guest joining us, Susan Cordts, The leader of Catalytic Health Partners. In this episode, we dive deep into the importance of bringing the focus back to patient care and reshaping healthcare for underserved individuals. We’ll hear about Susan’s journey in starting Catalytic Health Partners and her success in creating innovative solutions through predictive analytics and proprietary technologies. We’ll also explore the potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare and the challenges and risks that come with it.

Prepare to be inspired and invigorated as we delve into actionable insights for enhancing workdays and patient interactions.


-Susan Cordts’ Journey and Catalytic Health Partners
-Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
-Leveraging Simple Technologies
-Purpose of the Happy Hour, Happy Patients Podcast
-Addressing Social Determinants of Health
-Shift from Serving People to Profit Orientation
-Prioritizing Needs in Patient Interactions


“We can broaden our horizons and adapt our approaches to better suit the preferences of our audience. Embracing a multi-channel strategy is efficient and affordable with modern technology.” -Susan Cordts

“We are dedicated to creating a real difference in people’s lives and focusing on their overall well-being.” -Susan Cordts

Featured in this Episode

Susan Cordts
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susancordts/
Website: Catalytic Health Partners | Population Health Management | 3050 West Agua Fria Fwy Ste 150, Phoenix, AZ 85027, USA


00:00 – Introduction
00:49 – In-Depth Conversations with Healthcare Innovators
05:02 – Exploring a Holistic Approach to Healthcare
08:00 – Prioritizing Social Determinants of Health in Integrated Care
12:32 – The Power of Vulnerability in Achieving Success
14:52 – Unlocking Career Insights and Personal Growth
17:24 – Dedication to Serving High-Risk Individuals and Vulnerable Populations
21:38 – Collaborative Efforts and Successes with Health Plans
25:57 – AI’s Promising Role in Healthcare Opportunities
29:33 – Balancing Technology and Human Interaction
32:17 – Arizona’s Dedication to Unlocking Human Potential
34:56 – Outro

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