Welcome to another “Happy Hour, Happy Patients!” podcast episode, where we focus on healthcare innovation. Our guest today is Dr. Dawna L. Cato, a healthcare industry innovator with over 20 years of nursing experience. She’s the director of the nurse residency program at Dignity Health Global Education, and her passion lies in supporting nurses to provide top-quality care. In this episode, we’ll discuss how empowering nurses can drive meaningful changes in healthcare. Join us as we explore Dr. Cato’s journey, her work in nursing education, and her efforts to enhance patient outcomes. Let’s discover how to create better patient interactions.


  • The Importance of Nurses and Patient Care
  • Dr. Cato’s Background and Passion for Empowering Nurses
  • The Biggest Opportunity in Healthcare Today


“I’m passionate about empowering nurses to provide personalized patient care.” -Dr. Dawna L. Cato

“Nurses have a great chance to advance professionally, continue their education, engage in lifelong learning, and make a real impact on patient care.” -Dr. Dawna L. Cato

Featured in this Episode

Dr. Dawna L. Cato
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawnacatophdrn92488911/
Website: Dignity Health Global Education


00:00 – Introduction
00:09 – Inspiring Ideas in Healthcare
05:58 – Empowering Nurses for Change
09:12 – Prioritizing Patient Safety and Nurse Care
11:53 – From Observing to Leading: Transforming Nursing in Rural China
13:11 – From a Two-Week Plan to a Three-Year Journey
14:50 – Lessons from Exceptional Patient Care
15:17 – Finding Meaning Beyond the Healthcare Setting
19:42 – A Structured Program for Nursing Transition
22:45 – Emerging Trends: The Future of Healthcare and AI
24:05 – Thrilling Clinical Experiences: Validating Competencies
27:53 – Outro

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