Providertech announced today its platform interface with Epic.

Providertech’s CareCommunity platform offers scalable and secure solutions to help healthcare providers and payers engage with patients at every touchpoint in their care journey. Now found on the Epic App Market (formerly Epic App Orchard), the application offers Providertech and Epic customers a more collective experience so they can easily:

  • Send appointment communications based on patient preferences
  • Enable secure two-way texting between patients and providers
  • Engage patient populations through personalized education and resources
  • Increase online reputation through automated surveys and review promotion

“By interfacing with Epic, our healthcare partners can more seamlessly deliver proactive health information, preventative messaging, and appointment reminders to their patients,” said Allen Crane, Vice President, Product Development at Providertech. “Since automation replaces manual efforts, our customers find they can focus more time and energy on delivering outstanding care.”

Since its launch, Providertech has strived to increase patient compliance as reimbursement models shift toward outcomes-based care. In support of this, Providertech was one of the first solutions to offer text messaging solutions targeting chronic disease populations.

“Our interface with Epic ensures simplified implementation of our automated communication solutions,” said Crane. “We’re able to directly integrate into their EMR so providers and office staff can leverage the automation without weeks of set-up.”

The Epic App Market is a marketplace where developers can learn about Epic’s APIs. In addition, community members can explore and access a variety of apps.

To learn more about the Providertech integration with Epic, please visit the Epic App Market.

About Providertech

Providertech offers scalable outreach platforms that use automated workflows to send text, voice, and email messages leading to improved outcomes and enhanced patient engagement. Easily integrated into EMRs, Providertech’s solutions enable healthcare providers, payers, and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) to more efficiently manage chronic care patients and promote wellness while helping to advance value-based care initiatives.