Automate workflows and reach more patients using text, voice and email

Simplify the most complex workflows using bi-directional integrations

Leverage user-friendly dashboards and analytics to drive outcomes

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Our Clients' Results

50% increase
in patient appointment attendance

20% – 40% increase
in total office appointments

14% increase
in prescription refills

5 times more
online reviews from patients

After implementing Providertech’s CareX solution, patient appointment adherence improved dramatically. In fact, our year over year results had a 30% improvement in no show rates. The solution also eliminated the need for our front office staff to manually call individual patients allowing them to engage in more meaningful work. I recommend working with the Providertech team!

Eric Battis
Chief Operations & Financial Officer, Adelante Healthcare

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Simplify virtual care using HIPAA compliant telemedicine software

Respond to the COVID-19 crisis swiftly with easy-to-use telehealth software that automates patient preparation and decreases staff prep time by 75%.

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If you’re a provider or healthcare professional, we can help you safely and conveniently care for your patients virtually using HIPAA compliant telehealth services that integrate with your practice management and EMR systems.

Special COVID-19 Support Promotion: Get 1 month of free services and a 50% reduction in all setup fees. Watch the 5-minute demo.

Special COVID-19 Support Promotion:
Get 1 month of free services and a 50% reduction in all setup fees. Watch the 5-minute demo.

Scale your response to the COVID-19 crisis using our HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform to conduct video visits with your patients.

Get 1 month of free services and a 50% reduction in all setup fees.

Scalable HIPAA Compliant Video

Manage the threat of COVID-19 and other illnesses by caring for your patients via secure video conferencing from your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Fast Virtual Visit Deployments

Leverage our streamlined implementation to setup your virtual clinic and start seeing patients via video conference quickly.

Seamless Integration With Your EMR

Schedule telehealth appointments directly in your scheduling software using our proven electronic medical record EMR integrations.

Stand Alone Solutions Available

Choose from a suite of patient engagement solutions tailored to your clinic’s unique needs and patient population.

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Your clinic schedules an appointment in your practice system


Our software pulls the appointment type from the integration


We create a video visit link and send it to your practice system

We text your patient an appointment reminder with the video link



Your clinic accesses and launches the video visit from your practice system

FREE 5-Minute Demo Video

Watch a Free
5-Minute Demo

Customize and automate telehealth workflows that work for your practice

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