If you listen to at least one podcast regularly, you’re not alone. More than 70 percent of Americans tune into at least one podcast on a regular basis. Interestingly, men are more frequent listeners than women. 

As of the time of this blog’s publication, there are more than three million podcasts available for your listening pleasure through platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Stitcher and others. Why are podcasts so popular these days? Roughly three in four listeners in the United States do so to learn something new. 

Podcasts about healthcare are becoming increasingly popular, which perhaps is not surprising given that it’s an oft-changing industry. Courtesy of your Providertech team, here are ten of the top podcasts for the healthcare provider audience. 

#10. HIT Like a Girl Pod 

This podcast brings female healthcare leaders to the forefront by celebrating them as leaders in healthcare and health IT. It’s hosted by Robin Roberts and Joy Rios, MBA, a 2023 HIMSS Changemaker in Health Award Recipient. In HIT Like a Girl Pod, Roberts and Rios interview guests, including female physicians, entrepreneurs, HIT influencers and C-level executives. 

Featured Episodes: 

Empowering Youth: An Innovative Approach to Mental Health Education 

Data, TEFCA, and the Journey to a Patient-Centric System 

Revolutionizing Pharmacy Conversations: An AI-Driven Future 

#9. AMA Update 

Brought to you by the American Medical Association, this podcast covers healthcare topics affecting the lives of physicians, residents, medical students and patients. Guests include private practice and health system leaders, scientists and public health officials. 

Featured Episodes:

How Tribal Medical Education Programs Could Solve The Rural Health Care Crisis With Natasha Bray, Do

Scope Of Practice Challenges And A Model For Team-Based Care With Michael Suk, Md, Jd, Mph, Mba

How The Administrative Burden Of Prior Authorization Puts Patients At Risk 

#8. NEJM Interviews


A podcast from the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), one of the world’s leading medical journals, NEJM Interviews features conversations with leading experts in the field of healthcare, medical research, policy and more. 

Featured Episodes: 

The Overdose Crisis among U.S. Adolescents 

Community-Based Doulas — Can Clinicians Share Power to Improve Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes? 

Fundamentals of Medical Ethics: Deciding for Patients Who Have Lost Decision-Making Capacity — Finding Common Ground in Medical Ethics 

#7. The Healthcare Policy Podcast

David Introcaso, Ph.D., has done healthcare work for more than 25 years, including a position with the U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services (DHHS). His podcast features audio interviews with healthcare policy experts on timely topics. 

Featured Episodes: 

Dr. Robert Moffit Discusses “Modernizing Medicare: Harnessing the Power of Consumer Choice and Market Competition”

Prof. Nancy Tomes Discusses Patients as Consumers and to What Extent Defining Medicine as a Commodity Has Proven Useful

Columbia University’s Ms. Cynthia Hanawalt Discusses Public Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

#6. The Risky Health Care Business Podcast


With a new episode published every two weeks, this podcast informs and educates listeners about risk in the dental, medical and veterinary healthcare industries. It’s designed to offer tips on how healthcare provider organizations can proactively prepare for — and overcome — industry risks. 

Featured Episodes:

Brett McClain, EVP & COO at Sharp HealthCare

Beth O’Connor, Executive Director at Virginia Rural Health Association

Tamara Johnson, VP of Quality & Risk Management, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

#5. MGMA Podcasts


Through this series of podcasts, the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) equips practice administrators and executives with the knowledge and tools to head high-performance physician group practices in a complex and evolving healthcare environment. 

Featured Episodes:

Business Solutions: Conifer’s Mike McMann Talks Best Practices for Denial Prevention

Business Solutions: Retaining Physicians Through Innovation And Engagement

Women In Healthcare: A Conversation With Adrienne Lloyd 

#4. This Podcast Will Kill You


In each episode of this podcast, hosts Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke — both disease ecologists and epidemiologists — teach listeners about the biology, history and epidemiology of a different disease or medical mystery. 

Featured Episodes: 

Osteogenesis Imperfecta: All Bones About It 

Parkinson’s Disease: Dopamine & Discoveries 

Cocoliztli: We Do Love A Salty Dish 

#3. HIMSSCast 

This podcast is produced by the HIMSS Media editorial team behind Healthcare IT News, MobiHealthNews and Healthcare Finance News. In each episode, editors are joined by guests from around the health tech industry to discuss major news stories or trends in the space. 

Featured Episodes: 

Devoted Health Built Its Own Ehr For Its ‘prime Directive’ Model 

Lifespan Is About Lifestyle, Not Technology 

Preparing For A Fast-Evolving Future In Health IT 

#2. Physician’s Weekly Podcast


Physician’s Weekly has been a trusted source of medical information, perspectives and education for roughly 40 years. This podcast features in-depth interviews with experts in the medical community, with guests weighing in on landmark research and trending topics and offering insight on issues affecting everyday medical practice. 

Featured Episodes: 

Medical Communication to the Masses: The TikTok College Doc

Time to Quit Your Practice? Probably Not

The PSA Test Controversy, Doctor Vs Insurer on Settlements 

#1. Happy Hour, Happy Patients 

We might be a little biased, but this podcast certainly is our favorite! Hosted by our own Lisa Blue, RN, Chief of Clinical Innovation for Providertech, who has worked in a variety of healthcare settings over the past 25 years. Happy Hour, Happy Patients highlights ideas, trends and innovations happening all around us in the healthcare system. 

Featured Episodes: 

Revolutionizing Patient Care: The Digital Frontier in Pulmonary Medicine 

Innovating for Impact: A Deep Dive in Healthcare Transformation 

Mastering Healthcare Leadership: A Conversation with CEO Monique Delgado