Enhancing Patient Engagement and Improving Outcomes

Providertech's scalable communication platform reinforces health behaviors and promotes follow-up care, when and where your patients need it.
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Reduce No-show Rates

You’re familiar with patients who don’t call or don’t cancel their appointment. When they don’t show up, there are schedule gaps that affect workflows and the bottom line. In fact, this lost productivity is costing the healthcare industry nearly $150 billion per year.

It’s not just the financial impact of no-shows that matters. Patients who skip their appointments are missing out on necessary care.

How We Help:

Administrative staff is often stretched thin calling patients to confirm appointments. Automated text messaging is more effective because it’s familiar and convenient for patients—and optimizes your office efficiency. 98 percent of all texts are read, and 90 percent are read within three minutes. Connect with your patients in the way that’s best for them.

Reduce No-Shows

Text Reminders:

Providertech’s text message appointment reminders can increase appointment adherence by nearly 50 percent. With an estimated $150 savings per appointment, this can amount to tens of thousands of additional revenue per clinic, depending on practice sizes.

Predictive Analytics:

Our real-time dashboard analyzes your no-show trends to predict patients who are at high risk for missing their appointments. You can tailor your communication strategy for those who need it most.
Earn Additional Revenue

Earn Additional Revenue

As reimbursement decreases and higher deductible health plans increase, modern healthcare providers and hospitals need strategies and tools for reducing expenses and increasing revenue.

How We Help:

In addition to cost savings from reduced no-show rates, Providertech can help increase your revenue through additional appointments booked as a result of improved adherence to preventative care and population health outreach.

Earn Additional Revenue

Reduced Costs:

Providertech integrates with your EMR to more efficiently coordinate outreach to overdue populations. Our automated rules engine and pre-determined protocols are customized by you, reducing outdated manual efforts that are wasting time and money.

Increased Appointments:

Providertech automatically notifies patients due for wellness visits, preventative check-ups, and population health screenings. On average, this leads to an additional 20-40% of booked appointments, which translates into additional revenue and an improved bottom line.

Adelante Healthcare

Adelante Healthcare leveraged Providertech’s rich EMR integration and customizable rules to target patients overdue of annual wellness exams. Overall, 33% of patients that received an annual wellness message booked a new appointment.

Improve Quality Outcomes

Improve Quality Outcomes

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) is shifting payment models from fee-for-service to value-based incentives. Two ways quality is being measured in hospitals and health systems is through patient outcomes (70%) and patient satisfaction (30%). Yet, 64% of healthcare providers believe they are unprepared for MACRA.

How We Help:

Recognizing the transition from volume to value, Providertech enables healthcare payers and providers to automate preventative care and population health outreach for target populations.

Improve Quality Outcomes

Medication Adherence:

Adherence to care plans and medication is necessary, especially for patients suffering from chronic disease. Studies show that customized and interactive text message reminders can improve medication adherence for Medicare patients by 14 percent, on average.

Advancing Care:

One of the ways hospitals and providers can meet in-care HEDIS standards is by contacting specific patient populations based on demographics, risk profiles, and encounter history. Providertech’s rules-based engine addresses the entire continuum of care by sending text messages based on disease, condition, or morbidity, including:

  • Cancer Screenings
  • Chronic Care
  • Preventative Care
  • Women’s Health

… and more.

Adelante Healthcare

Adelante Healthcare implemented Providertech’s care management solution, targeting diabetic patient populations that were both uncontrolled and non-compliant. Providertech’s platform identified patients for intervention based on HbA1c, ICD-9 codes, and care plan compliance. Overall, 43% of diabetic patients messaged made subsequent appointments with Adelante Healthcare.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

The modern patient uses ratings and reviews to make decisions about where and who they go to for care. Nearly 77 percent of patients use online reviews to select a care provider. It’s more important than ever that providers and multispecialty care centers reflect positive experiences online.

How We Help:

Providertech offers providers the ability to engage in targeted loyalty and service management using the Net Promoter Score®. Your patients can expect to receive a text following their appointment that prompts them to rate their visit on a scale from 0-10.

Positive responses are automatically routed to social media review sites and negative responses prompt real-time alerts for your recovery team.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Online Reviews:

In June of 2016, Visalia Medical Clinic activated Providertech’s advanced NPS text messaging to capture patient feedback and encourage positive social media postings. Of the 36 reviews posted between June, 2016 to August, 2017, 35 were five-star ratings. This extraordinary shift in positive online feedback increased Visalia Medical Clinic’s Google rating from 2.6 to 4.5 stars in just three months.

Service Recovery:

Dissatisfied patient responses with a score below your preset threshold will be sent to your management team for follow-up. For Adelante Healthcare, this meant approximately 40 patients per week were escalated for service recovery. This ensured Adelante Healthcare has an opportunity to correct both operational and clinical issues before patients post negative reviews online. 

Quality Improvements:

With an increased focus on the value of care delivered, collecting patient feedback is a simple but powerful way to start measuring outcomes. Our analytics platform offers real-time alerting, text analysis for keywords, and aggregated Net Promoter Scale scores for both your providers and clinics so you can see what is or isn’t working for each location.