Elevating Healthcare Conversations with Advanced AI.

Revolutionize patient engagement, deliver better health outcomes and streamline your operations.

Personalized Care

Embark on a transformative journey where patient care meets modern technology, delivering exceptional outcomes and experiences at every step.

Guide your patients along their healthcare continuum enhancing your patient engagement goals with streamlined appointment setting and cancellations, contactless check-ins, electronic test results delivery and realtime secure texting.
Close gaps in care and generate new revenue streams with automated and scalable population health outreach solutions.
Use 2-way HIPAA compliant text messaging to securely connect with patients between visits, improving outcomes and patient experience with better communication.
Patient registration and appointment management made easy with text messaging. Reduce no show rates and improve access to care, collect the information you need while minimizing wasted time on telephonic outreach.
Deliver patient e-test results via secure SMS for preventative cancer screenings, Hemoglobin A1c, COVID-19, STI, and other critical results, the moment they’re available – eliminating phone tag and manual workflows.

Accessible Anywhere & Secure

HIPAA compliant and built on Azure’s HITRUST Certified Cloud

Easily communicate with your patients while safeguarding their information and increasing interdepartmental efficiencies.

Secure and HITRUST Certified Infrastructure

Our environments and your data run on Azure’s HITRUST certified infrastructure leveraging Azure blueprints and security technologies such as two-factor authentication, IAM access control management, encryption at rest and in transit and more…

Case Studies

Detailed success stories, showing how the platform has transformed the care process and improved outcomes.

Decrease Delivery Time for Test Results

A 3-year partner Fenway Health decreased delivery time for COVID-19 test results from days to minutes.

Increase your Lung Cancer Screening

Learn how In less than 3 months since launch, Providertech partnered with Christus Health to help diagnose several patients with early-stage lung cancer.

Boost Patient Access to Care

Learn how this 5 year partner boosted colorectal cancer screenings and wellness visits using automated patient outreach.
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Eric Battis

Chief Operations & Financial Officer | Adelante Healthcare

“After implementing Providertech’s solution, our patient appointment adherence improved dramatically. In fact, our year-over-year results demonstrated a 30% improvement in no-show rates.”
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Learn how Providertech’s personalized population health outreach can help you ensure patients make appointments and adhere to care plan.

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