How Addressing Digital Literacy Assists Healthcare Providers in Using Text Messaging to Reach Senior and Minority Populations

There are multiple steps providers can take to improve the digital health literacy of their patients, thereby ensuring each one understands the messaging and is able to utilize it.

How to Use Automated Text Messaging to Help Patients Manage Their Diabetes

Routinely reaching out to patients, especially those with a chronic illness such as diabetes, can play a crucial part in facilitating their access to care.

The Importance of Keeping Kids Up-to-date on Routine Vaccines

It’s important for pediatricians and other healthcare providers to develop a detailed communication plan that will engage their young patients and increase vaccination compliance rates.

5 Strategies Providers Should Employ to Overcome Patient Engagement Obstacles

The shift from fee-for-service to value-based care has precipitated a focus on patient engagement. A majority of healthcare providers are developing and implementing strategies and tools to achieve higher levels of engagement to not only boost their bottom line and...

Top Tips for Patients Picking a New Primary Care Provider

For most Americans, healthcare is seen as a basic service to which every resident should have access. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Why? Because of barriers such as lack of health insurance, transportation issues, language differences and low income.  Some...

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