About Us

We were patient engagement before it was cool.

What We Do

Helping patients overcome obstacles to quality healthcare isn’t always easy. How do we know? We’ve been in your shoes. Prior to joining Providertech, our team has worked all across the healthcare field from clinical settings ranging from acute to ambulatory care, extending into operations and technology.

Over 10 years ago, we started Providertech with the sole purpose of connecting with patients to help them better control their health. How? Through secure and patient-centered technology with ease of access at the forefront.

Since our early days fostering patient engagement for Phoenix-area FQHCs, our talented team has collaborated with healthcare providers both big and small to guide them in employing technology to break barriers to care. How? By augmenting current strategies and optimizing existing workflows to streamline provider-patient communication.

We combine our curated message library which includes targeted content with strategic outreach cadence so it can be delivered to your patient populations via HIPAA-compliant two-way text messaging. Looking to prioritize population health management? Maximizing limited resources? Let us give you the technology tools to hit the ground running.

Who We Are

Serving more than 30 clients and a multitude of healthcare consumers across the U.S., we stand firm in our mission of helping you promote a positive experience for the patients you serve.

Ryan Louis


Ryan Louis has covered the healthcare tech industry in enterprise sales.

Lisa Blue


Lisa Blue is the Chief of Clinical Innovation with Providertech.

Miranda McKie


Meet Miranda McKie, the VP of Product at Providertech.

Jananya Harrington


She is a freelance writer, social media, and project manager with Providertech.

Sarah Erickson​


Sarah Erickson is the Clinical Success Manager with Providertech.

Cashyn Murray


Cashyn is a dedicated support agent and skilled software developer.

Justin Kaechele


Meet Justin Kaechele, a Senior Solutions Consultant at Providertech.

Jon Eder


Jon Eder is a Senior Analyst who works in Support and Testing.

Kaushik Patel


Senior Software Engineer with a passion for crafting innovative digital solutions.

Holly Meyer


Public relations and marketing communications spans more than 25 years.

Muhammad Nasir


Muhammad Nasir is a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer (.NET 6 & Angular).

Jacob Nickerl


He strives to provide excellent communication at Providertech.

Alicia Norton


She is the Email Marketing Manager and oversees email marketing strategies.