HIPAA Compliant Texting Made Simple

Help your Patients Connect with you in Real-Time Using Two-Way Texting to:

  • Improve care plan adherence
  • Address scheduling or access challenges
  • Provide service recovery
  • Streamline your communication workflows
  • Decrease the burden on your telephone system
  • Improve patient experience



Upload files and make them available to your team and patients securely.


Create rules tailored to your practice’s needs while leveraging messaging templates to save time.


Communicate with your patients how and when it is convenient for them.


Sync patient messages to their health record for easy reference.

How it Works

You send appointment reminders and/or a population health campaign to your patients.

Patient responds with a text-based response and your staff is automatically alerted.

Your staff looks up relevant information and sends a secure response in real-time.

The communication is saved to the patient’s chart in the EHR.

Use Cases


Distribute population
health campaigns

schedule gaps

Clarify post-visit
care plans

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