Deliver test results in seconds via secure text with CareCommunity

Safely notify patients of lab results – faster – with HIPAA-compliant text messages

CareCommunity securely automates HIPAA compliant test result delivery allowing you to:

Alert patients of results as soon as they’re signed off

Provide status tracking of results to patients

Securely display test results, electronically, to patients

Lessen phone tag between patients and staff

Reduce unnecessary office visits

Streamline virtual follow-up after results delivery

How it Works

Notify patients real-time via text.

Secure test results with patient verification.

Provide access to test results via 2FA.

Provide educational info & prompt patient to take action.

Results That Change Your Organization

In minutes, your office can provide the best patient experience for test results delivery – making everyone, including your team, feel valued at every step.

Reduce phone time by 78%

Automate lab results delivery to minimize inbound calls and free up staff.

100% delivery in real-time

Send patients their labwork and test results faster with real-time texts.

Appointment efficiencies increase by 30%

Prompt patients to take action and increase follow-up care.

Chris Grasso

AVP Informatics and Data Services | Fenway Health

“Our collaboration with Providertech allows us to deliver COVID-19 screening test results for all people in our community. As we strive to enhance the wellbeing of our patients, the ability to offer timely test results helps us to provide expert care and treatment before conditions escalate.”


eTest Results Delivery Product Features

EHR Integration

Deliver test results immediately with a scalable, efficient and secure solution that compliments your EHR systems.

HIPAA compliance

CareCommunity was built with HIPAA compliance in mind – protecting your patient data with dynamic encryption to secure your PHI.

Customized Workflows

Create rule-specific communications that automatically engage and support patients while leveraging templates to save time and increase efficiency.

Always Your Brand

CareCommunity places your brand at the forefront with custom-branded test results landing pages.

Real-Time Engagement

Reduce phone-tag and increase scheduling efficiency with post-results virtual follow-up prompts and reminders.

Use Cases

COVID-19 test results

Diagnostic test results

Pathology test results

Routine health screening results

Sexual health screening results

Guaranteed Results For Every Patient

CareCommunity is more than just results. It provides patients from all walks of life with the ability to gather the information they need to work with you to make the best decisions for their healthcare.

Use eTest Results Delivery to get results for:

Diagnostic Tests

COVID-19 Tests

Pathology Tests

Routine Health Screenings

Sexual Health Screenings

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