Yes, we’re tired of talking about “the pandemic” and “the virus” – we have a feeling you are, too. Although, in all reality, it’s been a catalyst for healthcare providers to discover ways to drive toward and achieve their quality goals and patient outcomes. But, it’s been more difficult than ever before. 

  • How do you re-engage your patients?
  • Can you recover lost revenue?
  • Is there a way to help staff use time more efficiently?
  • Where do you turn for answers?

The answers reside in population health outreach, which is more important than ever now that we’re starting to recover after the devastating impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the distribution and accessibility of healthcare. 

What is Population Health Outreach?

It shouldn’t surprise you that there isn’t one clear definition for this increasingly popular topic. Some healthcare providers view it as a strategy while others refer to it as a technology platform. Let’s view it as both – you must start with a strategy that helps you understand patient acquisition, attrition and retention and then use technology as the solution to implement your strategy.

Why is Population Health Outreach Important?

As a healthcare team, your goals most likely include maintaining and/or improving your patients’ physical and psychosocial well-being; addressing health concerns through tailored, cost-effective solutions; and minimizing the need for expensive medical interventions, all while delivering high-quality care. Implementing a population health outreach platform will enable your team to engage patients where they are and improve quality performance while reducing front office staff involvement. That’s key, especially now when we still see staffing shortages across the healthcare industry.

How Can You Increase Patient Engagement?

There is a direct correlation between patient engagement and patient retention. And, patient engagement is the most important concept when compared to acquisition and attrition. Did you know that if you increase your patient retention by just five percent, your clinic has the opportunity to increase the value of an average patient in lifetime profits by 25-100 percent? Not to mention, boosting the reputation of your practice is an added benefit. Your satisfied patients can become testimonials for you and your team – in fact, on average they will tell nine people about their positive experience, while dissatisfied patients are likely to tell 22 people about their negative experience. 

The sad part is, that research has shown only 16 percent of businesses focus on retention. Here’s what you can do to ensure your health center is improving patient engagement and retention – implement a population health outreach technology that helps you increase appointment volume, outcomes and revenue by engaging at-risk patients and members throughout the entire care continuum. This isn’t pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking. It’s available to you today.

Young registered nurse smiles while looking at tablet

The Ultimate Population Health Management Solution

Would you like to: Reduce wasted time? Recover lost revenue? Restore patient outcomes? Providertech’s population health management technology can help you:

  • Reduce wasted time by 75 percent. By automating patient outreach and decreasing your staff time on the phone, your team is able to focus on patient priorities.
  • Increase employee satisfaction by allowing your valuable team members to focus on more meaningful work than trying to manually reach patients one by one 
  • Reduce no-shows by 50 percent by improving access to virtual care, your team is able to increase patients’ appointment adherence, volume and yes, revenue, too.
  • Increase appointments by 30 percent. By increasing patients’ visit volume with automated outreach, improving screening rates and closing gaps in care for priority populations, your team is able to restore patient outcomes.

Providertech’s solution was designed by population health experts to be a comprehensive member/patient communication and engagement solution. Over the years, we’ve partnered with and earned the trust of healthcare leaders such as Mayo Clinic, Beth Israel Lahey Health, Christus Health and Fenway Health (just to name a few) to help them improve patient experiences and achieve better outcomes. We know the challenges you and your patients face – patients continue to worry about in-person visits, and it is critical to reach your patient populations where they are in an effective and scalable manner. Providertech’s solution integrates with all major EHRs to ensure you can automatically identify segments of your patient population to target, enables a secure and scalable communication platform to reach your populations and deploys your strategy and requirements with our compliance safeguards and industry best practices. It also helps you expand your population outreach with these key platform features:

  • Chronic disease care – identify and target at-risk members struggling with chronic disease management and minimize costly ER and Urgent Care visits with proactive care 
  • Preventative screenings – identify cancer diagnoses in early stages when they are most responsive to treatment with recommended screenings
  • Wellness care – Keep your patient population healthy with a developmental milestone community for newborns and young children and continue age-related well care through adulthood and seniors
  • Tracking outstanding orders – ensure patients complete necessary lab and diagnostic orders
  • Securely deliver test results – eliminate the back and forth phone tag associated with delivering test results and get results directly to patients at sign off, including important next steps in education
  • Referrals – manage communication for referrals to specialty care, helping your patients navigate the care they need
  • Custom communications – tailor messaging to fit your patients’ unique needs

How Does Providertech’s Population Health Solution Work?

Providertech’s platform features targeted patient communications, patient education and navigation, on-demand broadcast messaging, a population health digital resource library, integrations with EHRs, basic reporting, CareCommunity ( HbA1C, Cancer Screenings, STI, COVID-19 and others), secure two-way text messaging and more. 

Our clients are able to easily deliver health information, preventative messaging and treatment compliance to a variety of populations, including patients and members in need of annual wellness visits, cancer screenings, chronic disease management, laboratory testing, medication adherence, prenatal and postpartum care, smoking cessation and shots and vaccinations – and much more. 

What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

Here’s what Suganya Karuppana, Medical Director of Quality, Family Medicine Physician with Adelante Healthcare has to say about Providertech’s solution:

With Providertech’s help, we used secure texting to offer patients who had an office visit within the last 12 months to have a home screening kit or mammography requisition sent directly to their home rather than obtaining it in the office. In just one week, we received responses from over 450 patients for colorectal cancer screening alone.

Due to this success, Adelante Healthcare continues to deliver population health campaigns using Providertech’s solutions to scale communication efforts. They are experiencing an increase in appointment volume for well-child visits and cancer screenings. And, since automated population campaigns have replaced time-consuming manual efforts, Adelante Healthcare recognizes significant savings in time and staff resources.

You Too Can Realize Amazing Population Health Outreach Results 

Learn how our experts can help you increase your patients’ access to care and improve your clinical outcomes. It’s easy to get started. Schedule a demo today to speak with one of our population health management experts.